Since he was first elected to office, Senator Noland has worked hard to improveIllinois’ business climate and to bring jobs to theFox RiverValley andChicago’s western suburbs. He also has been a strong advocate of government reform, education, environmental protection, investing in green technology, public safety, and important social services.

You can read about the legislation he is sponsoring in the 99th General Assembly here.

Economic Development

Senator Noland believes that nothing is more important than helping our community keep and create good jobs, particularly in the wake of the worst recession since the Great Depression. In 2008, he helped Siemens Winergy in Elgin receive millions of dollars in grants and other funding, allowing it to create hundreds of jobs and supporting a company with a high potential for future growth.

In 2009, he helped pass Illinois’ first capital construction bill in more than a decade. The bill contains millions of dollars in projects for the 22nd District, including road repair and resurfacing in Cook and Kane counties, upgrades for the ElginRegionalOfficeBuilding and the ElginMentalHealthCenter, and significant funding to improve the Barrington interchange in Hoffman Estates. The capital bill is expected to create hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout Illinois.

In 2010, Noland proposed the Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit. This important incentive offers small businesses that create long-lasting, high-paying full-time jobs a $2,500 tax break for the upcoming fiscal year. It is expected to create up to 20,000 jobs.


With Illinois government bogged down by corruption scandals, Senator Noland believes that reforming state government and ending business as usual in Springfield is a high priority. In 2009, he sponsored a constitutional amendment allowing the citizens to recall unfit governors. It passed the General Assembly and will be on the ballot in November. He also has supported comprehensive campaign finance reform, pension reform, and steep new penalties for public officials convicted of corruption.


Senator Noland has been a consistent advocate for improved education and more equitable school funding. He was a strong supporter of a 2009 effort to shift some school funding from property tax to income tax and to increase the per pupil foundation level. The measure would also have provided property tax relief.

In 2010, Noland has worked to correct a longstanding problem with the Illinois State Board of Education’s funding formula that has consistently shortchanged Elgin School District U-46. Noland’s legislation will restore millions of dollars in misdirected state funding to the district.

The Environment

In addition to his efforts to support Siemens Winergy, Senator Noland has pushed to allow school districts to establish and operate renewable energy sources. A 2007 law that he sponsored enabled school districts to invest in green technology, and a 2010 law that he co-sponsored allows multiple districts to band together and share initial economic costs. Carpentersville-based School District 300 is currently working with two neighboring districts to build a wind turbine, encouraging their students to learn about responsible environmental practices and enabling the school districts to cut their energy costs. Noland has also sponsored legislation promoting the use of solar technology, providing financial incentives for people who convert their cars to use environmentally-friendly alternative fuel sources, and protecting communities from dangerous chemicals used in lawn-care.

Public Safety

As Chair of the Senate Criminal Law Committee, Senator Noland is very concerned about public safety. He has used his experience in the courtroom to help shepherd through many important new laws to protect the citizens of Illinois and the 22nd District. He has promoted strong new anti-stalking laws, allowing courts to issue restraining orders against stalkers. In 2010, he put an end to the controversial “Meritorious Good-Time Push” program that allowed hundreds of violent criminals to receive early parole. He has also sponsored and supported legislation creating stiffer penalties for sex offenders, especially those who prey on children and the disabled.

Hunger and Social Services

For Senator Noland, addressing hunger and social service issues is personal. As a child, he experienced first-hand the challenges of poverty. In 2009, he passed a law creating a Hunger Relief tax check-off for Illinois’ Hunger Relief Fund. In 2010, he sponsored legislation creating tax check-offs for several other charitable causes, including Habitat for Humanity and state parks. Noland has also consistently advocated for sufficient funding for basic social programs that address the fundamental needs of children, the elderly, and the disabled.

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