ELGINIf it wasn’t for the help of State Sen. Michael Noland (D-Elgin), Majority Caucus Whip Iris Y. Martinez (D-Chicago) and State Sen. William Delgado (D-Chicago), the doors at a substance abuse treatment center serving primarily Hispanics would be closing.Latino Treatment Center Press Conference

Martinez and Noland were at the Latino Treatment Center’s (LTC) Elgin facility today to announce that the state has released more than $59,000 dollars held up in the budget impasse that will allow the agency to keep operating. Prior to state dollars being released, the agency was about to close and had cut salaries and exhausted cash reserves to maintain services to its 160 clients.

“I am grateful that the state got the Latino Treatment Center the money it was owed, but it should have never taken this long,” Martinez said. “And what about all of the other human service agencies that are cutting programs and staff? It’s past due for the governor to sign a budget.”

The state began working on getting the dollars released after Delgado, Noland, Martinez and LTC Executive Director Adriana Trino participated in a press conference regarding the agency’s dire fiscal situation. The Rauner administration also cut the agency’s budget by more than $60,000 in August.

"Although we are relieved to have the funds to close out our FY16 budget, our agency had 20 percent of the budget cut,” Trino said.  “As a result, the Latino Treatment Center is operating at a deficit, we are unable to start new programs for our clients and my staff is left absorbing the constant impacts left behind by these budget cuts. We at Latino Treatment Center will continue to fight for the care of our clients under these challenging times, until our doors are forced to close."

LTC has bilingual staff and evaluates and serves those in the Hispanic community by conducting evaluations for alcohol and drugs in either Spanish or English. Its staff specializes in outpatient treatment for substance abuse, treatment for families, individual and group counseling and adolescent treatment.

“Although I am happy the Latino Treatment Center has received a portion of the funding they require from the state, there are so many of our social services who have not,” said Noland. “The Renz Addiction Center is owed over $200,000; Lutheran Social Services, $300,000; Ecker Center $800,000; Elgin Crisis Center $200,000.  The governor is holding this funding hostage until he gets his way. I refuse to stand by silently as our governor and his party insist on cutting vital services, in calamitous denial of proposing actual solutions that might address the issue of revenue."

LTC assists people in Cook, DuPage and Kane counties.

“Unfortunately, we have a governor in office whose agenda is focused on cutting off funding for our most vulnerable citizens in order to create political pressure,” Delgado said. “While I am extremely pleased that this funding was released, we cannot continue to operate this way as a state government. People depend on these services, and we need to guarantee that they will continue to be available to them in the future.”

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