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Crim Law CommitteeSPRINGFIELD - The Senate Criminal Law Committee approved legislation this week that would reduce the penalties for possession of small amounts of cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia.

“This is a measure that is long overdue,” said Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin), the sponsor of the proposal. “I am proud to see our state becoming smarter on crime and reducing administrative pressures on the criminal justice system.”

The proposal would also establish a limit for driving while under the influence of cannabis. It would put in place a system similar to that of the alcohol impairment level.

“With this legislation, Illinois will be leading the nation on creating a threshold level of THC for driving while under the influence of marijuana,” Noland said.

HB 218 passed the Senate Criminal Law committee by a vote of 9-3 and now goes to the Senate floor for consideration.

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Floor photoSPRINGFIELD – Today the Senate approved a measure to extend a program which allows food scraps to be brought to landscape waste transfer stations for composting.  

The USEPA estimates that less than 5 percent of food scraps are actually being composted. “This measure increases composting while lowering its cost,” said State Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin). “It is fitting on this Earth Day 2015 that we demonstrate our commitment to the notion that we must consider the Earth not so much as something we have inherited from our parents but as something we are to pass on to our children.”

The original proposal to create the pilot program passed the General Assembly in 2013. “Extension of this program will divert hundreds of tons of food scraps from landfills to create a valuable soil amendment,” said Jen Walling, executive director of the Illinois Environmental Council.  

The proposal passed the Senate with a vote of 52-0-0 and will now be sent to the House.

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SPRINGFIELD – Today on the House floor at the Illinois Capitol, Governor Rauner explained his recommended budget for the next fiscal year.

“I agree with much of what the governor had to say today,” said State Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin). “I accept the Governor’s challenge to eliminate waste but he must in return accept the need for revenue. This will help us to better meet the just demands of our people.”

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