Senator Noland meets with Hanover Park Park District officials in the Capitol Rotunda on Illinois Parks Day.


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040914 js 1414“Taking away someone’s freedom to perform everyday activities for a minor traffic infraction is a disproportionately harsh response.” – State Senator Michael Noland

SPRINGFIELD – Drivers pulled over for minor traffic offenses would no longer have to give up their licenses under a proposal advanced by state Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin). The state Senate approved that plan today by a vote of 58-0.

Under current law, police may confiscate the license of a driver pulled over for violating traffic laws. Illinois is the last state in the nation where driver’s licenses are considered a form a bail for minor traffic offenses.

Senator Noland’s proposal would bring Illinois’ traffic code up to date by allowing drivers to keep their licenses if they sign a statement promising to fulfill the terms of their ticket.
“Today we need valid identification to get on a plane, fill a prescription or simply use a credit card,” said Noland, Chairman of the Senate Criminal Law Committee. “Of course there must be consequences for breaking the law. But taking away someone’s freedom to perform everyday activities for a minor traffic infraction is a disproportionately harsh response.”

Drivers cited for minor traffic offenses would need to appear in court or pay their ticket as usual. Failing to do so would result in the suspension of their license.

The legislation (Senate Bill 2583) now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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 “This isn’t about assigning blame for what is an institutional failure. It’s about making a promise to the victims of rape: you will no longer be forgotten.” – Sen. Michael Noland


Rosa Pickett was on her way to her sister’s birthday party when it happened.

A man approached her from behind while she was walking down a dark street in Robbins, IL. After dragging her behind a bush, the man beat and raped her repeatedly and finally knocked her unconscious.

Attendants at the hospital rushed to collect samples for a rape kit that could assist police and prosecutors in bringing her attacker to justice.

After the hospital, Rosa returned home to heal.

Thirty-six years later, that healing remains incomplete.

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