052914 js 0321SPRINGFIELD –Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin) voted in favor today of legislation that would allow firefighters the right to negotiate minimum staffing levels during collective bargaining. This new law would reverse a 2011 Illinois Appellate Court decision that removed that ability and resulted in high taxpayer dollars as a result of lawsuits.

Minimum manning (staffing) levels for firefighters are a concerning issue for communities because they directly effects the result of how fire squadrons work. Under the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act of 1986 barred firefighters from striking due to the importance of the nature of that job and in the place of that ability instituted binding arbitration as an alternative.

“The safety of our communities should not be at risk simply because municipal leaders want to limit the influence of unions,” Noland said. “Under this new law, firefighters would have the ability to negotiate their staffing levels in an appropriate fashion that is directly related to the needs of our communities. You cannot put a price on public safety.”

The law clarifies the language of the 1986 Act, which sets the ability of collective bargaining for wages, hours and working conditions. Arguably the most important part of working conditions for firefighters is the staffing level, which not only shortens the time spent fighting fires and other emergencies, but also helps save the lives of the public and the firefighters by keeping them from unsafe working conditions.

The law passed the Senate 42-11-2 votes and goes to the governor’s desk for approval.

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Eng CGI event flier-ElginSp CGI event flier-ElginDear Friends,
I would like to notify you of upcoming information seminars from our friends at Get Covered Illinois.

The first seminar will be held at the Hemmens Cultural Center in Elgin on November 15 from 9am to 5pm. The second event will be held at the Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin on December 13 from noon to 5pm. The third event in this series will be held at The Hemmens Cultural center in Elgin on January 15, 2015 from 6pm until 9pm.

These events are a great way to learn about changes that may be occuring with regards to your healthcare. Also, individuals will be on site to assist in renewing health insurance plans and applying for new plans.

For immediate assistance call one of the locations below, call the Get Covered Illinois toll-free Help Desk at 866-311-1119 or visit their website at GetCoveredIllinois.gov.

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“To take away a person’s freedom for a minor traffic offense is too old school.”
– State Senator Michael Noland

SPRINGFIELD – Drivers pulled over for minor traffic violations will no longer be forced to give up their licenses under a measure proposed by State Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin) and signed into law by the governor on Monday.
The law takes away the ability of police to confiscate driver’s licenses following minor traffic violations.
A provision of the traffic code, which the law eliminates, considered driver’s licenses to be a form of bail for minor traffic offenses. Illinois was the last state with such a provision in place.
That provision was outdated and burdensome to drivers, according to Noland.
“You had drivers unable to fill a prescription, use a credit card, or even pick up will-call tickets,” Noland said. “Being free to move and go about our daily lives often requires identification. To take away a person’s freedom for a minor traffic offense is too old school.”
Lawmakers agreed with that assessment, passing Noland’s measure without opposition in both chambers of the General Assembly.
Under the new law, drivers pulled over for minor traffic violations, such as rolling through stop signs or turning the wrong way on one-way streets, will be free to go once they have signed their citation and agreed to fulfill its terms.
The law takes effect immediately.

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Gordon Schnulle Tribute 053Senator Noland presents Gordon Schnulle’s widow Dorothy a Senate resolution remembering her late husband’s life. Schnulle served in World War II and fought at the Battle of Iwo Jima, one of the most harrowing operations undertaken by American troops in that war. Schnulle was a lifelong resident of Elgin, where he worked as a maintenance man at the Elgin Corrugated Box Company. Gordon Schnulle passed away on April 21, 2014, at the age of 88.

Senator Noland honored Schnulle’s life at a service at the Elgin VFW. State Rep. Anna Moeller, pictured, also spoke at the event.

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