Property tax reliefSPRINGFIELD- While Governor Rauner has mentioned his plan to freeze property taxes and broaden sales taxes to include more services (links below), State Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin) provides a comprehensive approach with meaningful alternatives.

Recently, the Senate Committee of the Whole met to discuss the subject of property tax relief or a property tax freeze. During the hearing Sen. Noland spoke on a measure he is sponsoring that would provide such relief while also bringing in revenue for the state.

“To meet the needs adequacy in this state, specifically with education, I introduced SB 1260,” said Noland. “The Governor has mentioned his desire to provide property tax relief, his wish to broaden sales taxes and his willingness to discuss increasing the income tax. This piece of legislation does all of this while also providing adequacy for education and revenue to the state.  Using Gov. Rauner’s words, this is the ‘major structural change overtime’ we need to ‘become a growth state again.’”

SB 1260 is ready to be heard in committee should it be called.

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Noland speaks to pressSPRINGFIELD – This week the Senate and the House together passed a plan for next year’s budget. While the majority of Democrats voted for the budget, State Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin), making good on his commitment to not support a budget without adequate revenue, voted “no" on the plan.

“It’s been said, a budget is a moral document. Morals must be supported by conviction,” said Noland. “Unless we have the conviction to pass revenue necessary to support suggested spending levels, this year’s budget remains an immoral and unconstitutional document. And as such, I could not vote for it.”

Noland, a third term senator from Elgin, has been an outspoken advocate for increased revenue and a balanced budget during his tenure in the General Assembly.

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SPRINGFIELD – Possession of small amounts of cannabis, 15 grams or less, would be punishable by fines of no more than $125 under a proposed law the Illinois Senate sent to the governor’s desk today.on floor HB218

“There has been much talk this year about criminal justice reform and being smarter on crime,” said Senator Michael Noland (D-Elgin), the proposal’s Senate sponsor. “With this measure the Senate and House take an important step in the right direction. The benefits we will see from this plan are innumerable. Today, we become smarter on enforcement of the law while saving judicial resources.”

The proposal also establishes a limit for driving while under the influence of cannabis. This limit can be tested through blood or through saliva, making Illinois one of the first states for oral fluid testing of THC.  

“Illinois has allowed the use of medical marijuana and we need to become prepared for what happens when people actually abuse that law and start driving under the influence. Now is the perfect time,” said Noland.

HB 218 passed the House with a vote of 62-53 and the Senate with a vote of 37-19 and will be sent to the governor for consideration.

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on floor HB369SPRINGFIELD – Three years after Rosa Pickett was raped in 1977 she learned that her rape kit was lost. For a woman who had recently discovered the name of her attacker, this was an unimaginable shock.

During this time and for years later, the State Police had not been testing sex crime cases effectively and there was a growing backlog of rape kits. Rosa’s kit was lost in the mix of this neglect. She and others whose kits went untested for a decade or more were then faced with the realization that the statute of limitations had run out and their attackers would not face justice.

In 2010, a law was passed to ensure that these untested kits be examined, and in 2013 the state completed the testing of 4,000 previously untested rape kits, many of which date back to before 2004.

State Senator Michael Noland (D- Elgin) passed legislation today to bring justice to victims of the backlog.  The proposal would have the current 10-year statute of limitations begin at the time the kit is actually tested rather than at the time the incident is reported, thus allowing those affected by the backlog to still receive due process.

“Rosa is just one case of justice being denied to victims of sexual assault,” said Noland. “Evidence existed, evidence was gathered and yet evidence went untested. This measure is an effort to ensure sexual predators no longer escape the justice they deserve nor the victims lose their right for the closure they deserve.”

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